Neglected Garden Renovation

Neglected Garden Renovation…

I love renovating gardens. Old, overgrown gardens are rarely beyond hope and I love uncovering the hidden gems among the weeds. Maybe there is a beautiful tree hidden behind brambles or old brick paths covered with nettles.

I work with several teams of landscape gardeners who are able to help with renovation projects large and small and together we have worked on everything from large country estates to small cottage gardens, making the most of what is there and enhancing existing features with clever new design.


Renovation Planning

Enhancing existing features

Renovation Pruning


Weed Control

We can make your dream garden a reality

So, whether you want a traditional kitchen, potager or cutting garden; naturalistic woodland, meadow or orchard; a more formal ornamental garden, or simply a new planting scheme for a single border, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your garden’s potential.

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