Full Garden Design

Full Garden Design…

Normally the process begins with a brief visit, so that I can meet you and see your garden. We will discuss what it is you are looking for and how I may be able to help. Creating a garden for somebody is an intimate experience. You need to feel comfortable with allowing me into your private space and working together to turn your dream garden into a reality. I do not charge for initial meetings within 10 miles of my home address but make a small charge for my travel time and mileage outside this area. After this meeting I will write up my proposal, clarifying the brief, and provide you with a quote for the design work you need.

If you are happy with my quote, the next stage is a survey of your garden. I will either carry this out myself or recommend a topographical surveyor depending on the size and complexity of the project. I will also carry out a detailed site analysis and have a meeting with you to gain as much information as possible about your garden, your wish-list and your taste. After our meeting I will often do a quick sense check by sending you some mood-boards to make sure I am on your wavelength.



I then begin developing the design, marrying your dream garden with the garden’s location. I believe that design is a two-way process and will be in touch several times to ask questions, revisit the site and check we are heading in the right direction. Clients should feel free to input into the design at any stage.

Once I have completed the design, I will present it to you accompanied by materials such as photographs, mood boards and 3D visualisations to help you envisage the finished garden. I generally work in CAD as it is easier to produce accurate construction drawings once we come to the tender stage.

If you are happy with the design, then we move on to pricing for the landscaping work. If we need to tweak things, one set of revisions is included in my quoted price.


I have several teams of landscapers who I recommend depending on the job. We have worked together for many years and have developed a deep understanding of how best to work together to deliver your dream garden. If you would prefer to put the construction work out to tender I can quote for assisting with the tender process.

At this stage there may be a need for detailed construction drawings or planting plans to ensure the vision is turned into a high-quality reality. I will price for these separately.

Once the build begins I will visit site regularly to check that everything is proceeding according to plan. I will source and supply your plants, check for quality and set out and plant them. I can advise on furniture, irrigation systems and, if required, provide you with maintenance notes to explain how to look after your new garden.

Finally, I like to keep in touch to check on the garden’s development and answer any questions that may arise over the months and years to come. Creating a garden is a deeply personal experience and I love to see photos of them as they mature.


A brief word on budgets…


The easiest way to talk about garden budgets is to compare gardens to kitchens. You can have a basic, cheap and cheerful kitchen for not very much money or a bespoke, designer kitchen with all the top gadgets for a sky’s-the-limit budget. Gardens are similar and come in all shapes and sizes and budgets. How much you spend will depend on the size of your plot, how flat it is, and what you want to put in it. Whether you want cheap concrete slabs or Italian marble for example, a sand-pit or a helipad. It is important that you consider your budget from the outset so that we both have a realistic idea of what is achievable. Beautiful gardens do not have to be expensive, but it would be pointless to present ideas to you which are unrealistic. Having said that many clients like to have a 5 or 10 year plan for the garden which they are able to work towards in stages as time and budget allow.

We can make your dream garden a reality

So, whether you want a traditional kitchen, potager or cutting garden; naturalistic woodland, meadow or orchard; a more formal ornamental garden, or simply a new planting scheme for a single border, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your garden’s potential.

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